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Power (Mars)

EVErybody gonna TAKE their way
They gonna KICK your ass (and gonna) BREAK your day
They gonna CATCH you (ooh)
They gonna CATCH you NOW

And if you FEEL upset (and if you) FEEL not right
PUT me in your BED under the PILLOW for the NIGHT
You gonna TOUCH me (hey)
You gonna TOUCH me NOW

Guitar Solo

CRAZY people want NASTY things
They wanna LET you down (and wanna) SUCK your blood
Don't let them DO it (ooh)
ProTECT yourself

And now PUT my handle (right) TO your palm
And now HOLD me tight and you FEEL my cold
And put your FINGER (hey)
PUT it in on my trigeer TRIGGER trigger

Drums Solo

POWER Feel it POWER Feel it
POWER You are POWER Strong

POWER Kill them POWER You can

Guns Solo

DON'T forget to TAKE me with you
ANY time you're GOING out
HOLD me gently LET me please you
FEEL your life is CHANGing now

TO the sky just LIKE a rocket
YOU're the winner YOU're best
FEEL my power IN your pocket
LET me only DO the rest.


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